Auhtor Bio

Since very young I like to study. I remember at my days at the age of six or seven trying so hard to do my best at school. My father had a very bad decision while transfering me to the public school where I almost lost my interest in studies.

I was reproved multiple times in school, and spite of knowing I was being injusticed I kept on going to school in spite of all the intimidation. Since today I do not know really what was the motivation of such people to spoil my studies. I was a skateboarder and spite of living in the countryside, I used to have relation and friends with some open mindset. I have always been influenced by the american culture listening to skateboarding musich such as pennywise and nofx, and of course, like all that people raised in the ninities I was a big nirvana fan.

My relation with music always been huge, despite I don’t mention anything I did musically here at this blog. For the ones who doesn’t know, I am a guitarrist.

At the age of 13, my eldest brother bought a computer and I started to study by myself, all with my interest of learning and how to become a real hacker. I passed many years learning computing by myself, I studied Pascal, Delphi, Java, C, C++, Perl, and Linux. I became a programmer at the age of 16, when I developed my first IRC client called the PortableIRC, but before that I had programmed many hacking tools using Delphi.

Java became my focus and I started to participate in communities like SouJava and GUJ. mIRC helped me a lot too, we had a channel called the #JAVA channel on brasnet, where we used to share lots of knowledge of programming.

At the age of 18 I moved to the city of Londrina, which I consider the city where I grew up, since even before moving there I used to visit the city very often to shop and to have entertainment such as going to the movies or to the shopping malls. I finished my high school studies there and enrolled at the University, where I had brilliant actuation. I was also working for a company which used to develop banking applications, where I developed thousands of lines of code. Things were good in Londrina, in spite of having some troubles. I received a proposal to work as a consultant for the Brazilian Government in Blumenau, and that current sitation made me accept it, moving to the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The city was nice, and I had a delighting story there, spite of many responsabilities at work and the efforts to conclude my university studies. In 2010, I graduated at the Metropolitan Faculty of Blumenau – University Center Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most important universities of the city. For the ones who don’t know, Blumenau is known as the Brazilian Sillicon Valley, where a huge part of software developed in the country is originated.

After that graduation, I moved to the city of Curitiba, capital of my state, the State of  Parana. This city has a unique charm, and is known as the only capital in Brazil with the living standards of capitals of developed nations.

Here in Curitiba, I continued my career developing important software to small, medium and large businesses, where I am very well recognized as a professional. I Specialized in Software Engineering at the Catholic University of Parana, in a course that took of me two years of academic studies, having successfully achieved an A grade at the final project and having a GPA of an A standard.

Today, I am fluent in three languages:  English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.