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My history with computing is curious. I started learning programming when I was 14 years old; being self-taught with my personal computer and the dial up internet access I had at home. The first language I had contact with was Pascal, moving afterward to ASP, Delphi, C and finally Java, which became my focus for the last 14 years.

         I remember at the beginning, the challenge of learning Java with resources and tutorials only in the English language. That was challenging (in my country we speak Brazilian Portuguese, but I had some English classes at regular school), but I did it. I learned how to program by myself with some help from the mIRC guys (Thank god they were cool enough to tell me I was programming in procedural style and making me program in the object oriented paradigm).

         Nevertheless being self-taught, I went to the university in 2006, which I graduated in 2010, and earned a post-graduate certificate in Software Engineering in 2014. All these years I have been working with programming, working for small and large businesses (including the Banking Industry, Logistics and Governmental).

I write on this blog during my free time to practice my English and share good information / thoughts.

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