Persecuted by the Brazilian Government and Police

I have been persecuted by the brazilian government and police for over 15 years. I had more than 10 jobs in the I.T department of big multinationals and brazilian companies, and I was humiliated and persectued without a criminal reason (apparentely).

Just to tell a bit about my life in the last 10 months. I was forced to leave my job at the Brazil, which was difficult to get in – I did the test during my 30th birthday date until 6a.m of the next day. Damn diffcult:

After that I was forced to sell my car, my amplifier, my pedalboard, and everything I had bought during 5 years of hard work. I was forced to move back to the countryside of the state of Parana because I lost my job and everything I had in Sao Paulo so I had to choose between becoming a homeless or returning to this place.

I suffered a homicide try by the Brazilian military police: This is proven below:

On the news, they said I was under a psycothic crisis, not true though. This was reported on the news that I suffered a psychotic crise, however you can clearly see they tried to hide my hands and my legs, which was harmed by the chains they used to imobilize me.


I have been medicated over years and considered crazy (schizo) in Brazil, I am not crazy and I don’t have any disease though.

(I’ve found this medicines here at home — injectables, however they are possibly giving me this drugs — but I don’t remember anything)

They say I have involvements with drugs, not true:


( I had also to buy this in order to reduce possible infections in my water)


(Spiders appear at my house, dangerous ones O_o)

img_0681( I have to lock my house doors this way when I am outside my house)

No criminal records


After having my house keys stolen due to drug abuse, I had to break the window glasses to get inside the house, however I suffered this accident:



(My student id)



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